Support for the Museum

Support for the Museum

Support for the Museum

"It will be as vital in years to come as it is now to remind people about the reasons ordinary people chose to say no to a European federal superstate and to Britain’s participation in it. I wish the Museum of Brexit much success."

Tom Harris, former Glasgow MP and Transport minister

“The debate about the United Kingdom’s evolving relationship with its neighbours, and its place in the world, has been of critical national significance. We need to capture those records and stories for posterity.”

Rt Hon the Lord Lawson of Blaby

"Brexit initiated a renaissance of British politics for the ordinary person. The British public hit the reset button on the balance of power within our democratic system, placing it back into their hands. The Museum of Brexit would be a testament to those willing to fight for their voice to be heard and a legacy to democracy for years to come." 

Lucy Harris, former MEP

“An unprecedented and historic campaign deserves its own museum so future generations will know how this generation fought to take back control of our national destiny.”

Professor Gwythian Prins

“We are what we remember. To capture the memory of Brexit is to capture the spirit of Britain.”

Sir John Hayes, CBE, MP


“Don’t let other people write your history for you. I urge everyone to get involved”


Rt Hon Baroness (Gisela) Stuart - former Labour MP and Chair of Change Britain

“The vote of 23 June, 2016, was a momentous event in the history of our country, marking the nation’s determination to re over its independence.  The Museum is a worthy venture and I am pleased to support it.”

Rt Hon David Jones, MP

“This is an important initiative and I warmly encourage everyone to contribute.”

Rt Hon the Lord Owen, CH


“The fight for national sovereignty is so important that we need to keep a record of the battle.”

Major General Julian Thompson, CB, OBE, RM

“The June 2016 EU referendum marks a crucial turning point in the UK’s history and it is surely right that it should be marked by bringing together a  comprehensive collection of all the materials and artefacts used to fight the closely fought referendum battle.”

John Mills - Businessman and prominent Labour donor

“Whichever way you voted in the Brexit Referendum it was undeniably a huge moment in British history and will reverberate through our politics for many years to come. It can only be right, therefore, that materials and memories surrounding the Referendum – and its build up and aftermath - are recorded and commemorated in a professional way.”

Andrew Lewer MBE, MP

"The great struggle over sovereignty deserves to be recorded for posterity. That is why we need to ensure a museum is created to recognise the long campaign for independence."

Baroness Kate Hoey


"The museum will be an essential addition to our collective memory, of how the elite surrendered our self-government and the people regained it."

Rt Hon David Heathcoat-Amory, former Europe Minister and delegate to the Convention on the Future of Europe

“Commemorating the British people’s struggle for independence from the EU is a worthy project, but the lasting legacy of Brexit will be our rediscovered sense of optimism, self-confidence and hope as we relaunch into the world as a proud, sovereign, re-energized nation once again.”

Philip Hollobone, MP, co-founder of GO



"Brexit - a defining moment in history - clearly deserves to be marked by a museum so let's all dig out suitable memorabilia for it."

Paul Nuttall, former MEP 

"As one who campaigned against Britain's continuing Common Market membership at the 1975 referendum, and voted against the Single European Act in 1986, I have been involved in the vital struggle to recover Britain's national sovereignty.  Accordingly, I warmly salute this project to record the progress of a determined campaign which finally led to the historic vote in 2016."

Sir Gerald Howarth, former Defence minister

"Once sovereignty and control over our own affairs have been restored, it will become progressively harder to recall what life was like without them. This museum project will serve as a warning and an inspiration; a warning how easy it is slowly to lose one's sovereignty, and an inspiration that it is never too late to win it back"

Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis, MP

“Don’t throw anything away!”


Sir William (Bill) Cash, MP

 "Our independence and sovereignty has been hard fought over several decades. Congratulations to Museum of Brexit team. I look forward to visiting it."

Chris Kelly, former Dudley MP who convened the weekly Centre-Right Steering Group.


"Brexit will remain one of the major motors behind changes in the British way of life. It secures us our sovereignty that we as a nation have always prized. Telling the story is important, so please do contribute if you can help."

Brian Binley, former MP for Northampton South

"The Museum of Brexit is an excellent initiative, and one that I greatly support. Britain re-gaining its sovereignty and re-establishing itself as an independent nation state on the world stage is undoubtedly one of the most important developments in our nation’s modern history. Creating a place where one can study about Brexit will be hugely advantageous for future generations." 

Daniel Kawczynski, MP1

"Brexit was the culmination of years of campaigning on the future destiny of our nation. A museum, library and archive will be a vital record of Euroscepticism and the grassroots campaigners behind it. There is much more to emerge about the true history of Brexit than is accepted as the current narrative."

Sir Bernard Jenkin, MP 

"My own work on topics like the background to the 1972 vote, and many others underway or about to begin, really does show the need for the Museum of Brexit and the archives it will hold. It would be an invaluable resource to facilitate the study of such an important time period in our national history. I hope it gets the support it deserves!"

Tim Aker, good governance campaigner and former MEP

"Brexit is the latest chapter in a complex and ancient continental relationship. The story deserves to be properly recorded and its archives preserved."

Dr Graham Gudgin


“The history of Euroscepticism crosses party lines and national boundaries. Brexit is, of course, a major historical moment in Europe. The documents, items and stories deserve to be preserve."

Kathrine Kleveland, Leader of Nei til EU

"Euroscepticism has at heart been an international battle that has united democrats in many countries over several decades, including  people in some nine EU-related referendums in Ireand in which  my colleagues and I were personally  involved. The international movement in defence of national democracy is a theme of perennial relevance that merits being covered in the remit of the proposed Museum, enabling its scope and coverage to look forward as well as back."


Professor Anthony Coughlan, 

National Platform EU Research and Information Centre, Ireland

"This is an excellent initiative which will serve as a reminder of the dangers of the metropolitan elite ignoring the wishes of the silent majority”

David Nuttall, Former MP for Bury North and Parliamentary Chairman of Better Off Out.1

"There is no better way to mark this struggle for national freedom than by supporting the Museum of Brexit. This will mark those modern patriots who took on European potentates and won, keeping alight the torch of British independence. The museum will also remind future generations and politicians not to betray the trust we give them nor surrender that sacred principle of sovereignty."


Robert Oulds, Bruges Group

"The Brexit referendum was a once in a lifetime political event that shifted the tectonic plates of British politics in ways that would once have been considered inconceivable. It is vital that the history of Brexit is properly recorded for future generations."

James Grundy, 'Red Wall' MP

"The process of achieving Brexit has been long, often tortuous and very difficult. I think it is very important that all of this, the trials, the tribulations, the great speeches, those moments of crisis and expectation, and the joy of the eventual decision should all be recorded. This is both for historical purposes and also as a reminder that in politics it is always the big issues that resonate and often outlast the individual politicians who may have been unfashionable when they fought for them at first, but then fashions change."

Rt Hon Sir Iain Duncan Smith, MP

“Brexit was not the result of a few weeks of skilful campaigning, but the outcome of decades of hard slog by a large numbers of individuals working to ensure that when the time came, the British people would be fully aware of what was at stake: Freedom, Independence and Democracy. This museum will tell that story and I am proud to be associated with it.”


Rupert Matthews, author and former MEP

"This museum is a wonderful way to commemorate the huge campaigning effort by so many across the nation. I look forward to paying a visit once it is all up and running."

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, MP


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