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Brexit Central 9 November 2019


Do you have any materials you could donate to the Museum of Brexit?

An update on our mission and our phased objectives.

Chopper's Brexit Podcast

Our Secretary was invited onto Christopher Hope's Telegraph podcast to talk about the Museum. He comes in at 29 mins, Liz Truss speaks about us first.

El Museo del Brexit: el nuevo sueño de los euroescépticos británicos

Spain's El Confidencial reports on the launch of the Museum.

Brexiters seek campaign memorabilia for 'museum of sovereignty'

It sounds like a remainer’s worst nightmare: a museum of Brexit with a grand atrium dominated by the “£350m for the NHS” bus, leading to galleries displaying a selection of Nigel Farage’s louder tweed jackets...

Museum for those who never tire of Brexit

A Museum of Brexit is seeking to put rosettes, pamphlets and other ephemera from the 45-year Leave movement on display.

Plans for a permanent tribute to the “struggle for the United Kingdom’s independence” are being announced today alongside a call for people to rummage in their attics for memorabilia...

Brexit ‘Museum of Sovereignty’ to tell story of leaving the EU

The first steps towards the creation of a Brexit Museum will be announced on Tuesday, as Eurosceptics begin assembling the memorabilia, texts of speeches and newspaper cuttings that tell the story of Britain’s tumultuous 45-year journey to leaving the EU...

A new ‘Museum of Brexit’ will commemorate Britain’s historic decision to quit the EU and go it alone by gathering campaign memorabilia from the past 40 years

A NEW “Museum of Brexit” will commemorate Britain's historic decision to quit the EU and go it alone.
Set up by prominent Eurosceptic they want to gather campaign memorabilia from the past 40 years and tell the story of our decision to leave the bloc.
Campaigners are looking for as many documents about the movement to free us from Brussels as possible – so that when historians look back at the referendum it will not be ‘told by the side who lost’....

Museum of Brexit is announced which will feature memorabilia, speeches and cuttings from the successful 45-year campaign to leave the EU

Plans to open a 'Brexit Museum' featuring memorabilia, speeches and cuttings from Britain's 45 year journey to leaving the European Union have been announced...

BBC Radio 4

From 38.18  in,
Interviews voxpops and comments from a variety of senior figures on both sides of the Referendum campaign including Arron Banks and Matthew Elliot

Former Leave figures plot Museum of Brexit - but it won't open in Remain-backing London

A group of Brexiters have issued a call for people to donate items from drafts of major speeches to campaign memorabilia and photographs in the hope of creating a destination that serves as an archive, resource, events space and public-facing museum.
Organiser, historian and a former director of Vote Leave Lee Rotherham told City A.M. it would be handled sensitively - acknowledging that opening the doors of such a premises could reopen old wounds, or even spark protests....

Treasure our Eurosceptic story by supporting the new Museum of Brexit

Our Secretary - Gawain Towler writes,

There is much to read into George Orwell’s infamous comment about history, 'Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past’. There is also much that is bunk.

In the mature pluralistic democracy that is the UK of the early 21st century, the fears that he encapsulated in those words are irrelevant. He was writing at a time of political dictatorship and intellectual monoculture.

It’s time to preserve the story of the decades-long campaign for British independence from Brussels

Our Chairman, Dr Lee Rotherham writes,

The visitor to Brussels has long been spoiled by its museums. Despite its street feel as a provincial Gallic backwater, the city is a national capital with Roman foundations, Hapsburg buttresses, and the spoils of colonial dominion.

But none of these museums have suited the city’s growing role as the capital of the European Union...

The first look inside Brexit Wonderland! The UK's new museum to leaving the European Union

The Independent gives us their sketch of the day.

Whether Brexit Wonderland, Lincoln, ever opens we can but wait and see, but if it does, we hope it will have an exhibit on how Brexit Wonderland, Lincoln itself ever came to be. For nothing could ever sum up better the full dizzying wonder of Brexit itself...

South China Morning Post April 11 2018

‘This is serious’: British Eurosceptics unveil plan for ‘Museum of Brexit’

A group of British Eurosceptics announced plans on Tuesday for a “Museum of Brexit” that will trace the history of anti-EU politics in Britain, calling for the public to donate items.
Organisers said they hoped to receive objects such as campaign posters and street stalls, as well as personal photographs and diaries at collection centres dotted around Britain....

‘Museum of Brexit’ will collate decades-long campaign for national independence

Gawain Towler writes,

The Museum of Brexit is an idea that has spent years in gestation and months in the planning. And now it is a thing.

The idea is to collect, collate and archive the last 45 years of the grassroots campaign to free the UK from the dread hand of the European Union...

Die Briten planen bereits ein Brexit-Museum

London Es klingt wie ein Aprilscherz, doch es ist ernst gemeint. Drei führende Mitglieder der Brexit-Kampagne wollen ein Brexit-Museum eröffnen, das an ihren „Unabhängigkeitskampf“ gegen die EU erinnert. Als möglicher Standort ist die Brexit-Hochburg Lincoln in den englischen Midlands angedacht....

A Brexit museum? The North East could become home to it, say campaign organisers

Plans for a ‘Brexit museum’ have been launched and organisers say a North East city could eventually house it.

Sunderland was famously the first place in Britain to declare its support for Leave on the night of the EU referendum in June 2016.

And its place in history could further be cemented if the people behind the museum decided to locate it there.

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