The Museum of Brexit

The Plan

Our plan is to bring together memories, stories and items that can help preserve our nation’s recent history. To recall, for future generations, the background of the recent struggle for the United Kingdom’s independence.

The EU reportedly spent £112 million to build its own Brussels museum (with £10 million annual running costs), and has spent millions more on buildings associated with the 'Fathers of Europe'. But there's another side of the tale to tell.  

This is the website of those working towards creating a new Museum of Sovereignty. 

This is the story of Brexit. 

The Museum of Brexit.

Coronavirus Precautions

Item donation is taking place through local drop off points. These are run locally by volunteers.

Obviously, with Covid-19 currently around, we want to avoid risk. 


Please check the latest official medical advice over social distancing.

Until it changes, please just hold onto your items for now

With the 'collect' phase running to June 2021, there will be plenty of time to hand over items  when the virus passes. 

In the meantime, we are still recruiting volunteers for future drop off points so we are ready for when that happens. We still have some big geographical gaps that need to be filled.

If you want to help us plug them, do drop us a line. Being listed now does not mean you have to accept donations until you are happy doing so: we only list email addresses, so you are in control.

Our priority is your safety.

Help us build the collection

We have a very important mission here at the Museum of Brexit Project.

It is to gather together artefacts and stories, that both capture the academic context for future researchers, but also help to engagingly inform the general public through displays.  

To do that we are going to need your help.

Where to contribute

The Museum of Brexit is building up a  range of collection centres across the UK, to make it easier to donate items. To find your nearest, click on the link below.


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We are a small team of volunteers. Please bear with us when dropping a line!


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