The Museum of Brexit

The Plan

Our plan is to bring together memories, stories and items that can help preserve our nation’s recent history.

Our objective is to bring together a collection that will recall, for future generations, the background of the recent struggle for the United Kingdom’s independence.

This is the website of those working towards creating a new Museum of Sovereignty. 

This is the story of Brexit. 

The Museum of Brexit.

Help us build the collection

We have a very important mission here at the Museum of Brexit Project.

It is to gather together artefacts and stories, that both capture the academic context for future researchers, but also help to engagingly inform the general public through displays.  

To do that we are going to need your help.

Where to contribute

The Museum of Brexit is building up a  range of collection centres across the UK, to make it easier to donate items. To find your nearest, click on the link below.


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We are a small team of volunteers. Please bear with us when dropping a line!


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